At Run Infinite, we believe in the freedom of running and its ability to shape any life. Running has the power to take athletes anywhere they set their mind and body to go. The possibilities are infinite. Our mission is to inspire athletes and aspiring athletes to pursue the adventures around them, and provide resources to train them to complete those adventures.

By taking an athlete-centered coaching approach and crafting adaptive training plans, we take athletes places previously untrodden. Whether you seek the feeling of success that is realized at a finish line PR, the solitude of a long day tagging peaks in the alpine, or simply a focused, healthy life, Run Infinite is here to get you there.


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Brandon Yonke
Head Coach

USA Track And Field Level 1
Lydiard Level 1 & 2

It brings me joy to help other athletes become the strongest version of themselves and explore the landscapes around them in the process. This stems from my love of trails and mountains, but really just being immersed in the running community; it is all about pulling along the people around you. I gain inspiration from the people I meet on the run and the stories they share. To me, the reward is getting other people to have those stories and experiences to share. 

My pursuit of running knowledge has lead me to earn Level One USA Track and Field and Level 1 & 2 Lydiard Method certifications, which I have applied to coaching all distances from 5k to 100 Mile.

Some notables I have coached to:

Leadville 100 Mile Finish
1st place at Sangre De Cristo 100k, 2018
1st place course record at Spitfire 50k, 2019
Marine Corps Marathon + NY Marathon back to back
Completion of Grand Traverse SkiMo race
First race ever being a 50k (two instances)
Overcoming Overtraining Syndrome

Coaching in-the-works:
Sangre De Cristo 100 Mile
Pacing at Tahoe 200 Mile

When I'm not out running, I enjoy reading on the banks of one of Colorado's many rivers, rock climbing, photographing races, or making from-scratch pizza (but really, the eating part). 


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