Virtual Plans - Just The Plan

Looking to just get up and going? These plans can guide your training in the right direction and set you on course for a successful day, or serve as a benchmark as you guide your efforts.

Virtual Plans Plus Coaching & Updates


These plans include contact with a certified running coach! Feeling ahead-of-fitness? Feeling a bit behind? Got sick and need to get back on schedule? Extra guidance is included for that reason! With each of these virtual plans, you receive three complementary check-ins with a coach for guidance or further advice, and plan editing if needed. This can be from either phone or email - whichever is most convenient with you.

Looking for something we don’t have? Let us know. We’ll build it for you.


“Working with Brandon has been one of the best decisions I've made. Over the course of 6 months he has taken me from running zero miles to racing in my first ultra (55k)...with no injuries. As a newbie in the trail running world I came in with many insecurities (I'm not fast) and fears. Brandon's ability to coach with experience, trail wisdom, patience and honesty has been the key to my success and a factor in my growing love of the sport. His customized plans worked with my skills set and challenged my abilities. I'm already looking forward to working towards longer races with Brandon's coaching!”

-Wilma C., Denver, CO - February 2019

“I came to Run Infinite overtrained. Coach Brandon turned all of this around for me this year for the 2018 Zion 100. I cut 7 hours off my time from Zion last year! 7 hours! I attribute a large part of my success to his persistence, knowledge, and personal attention to my training. People come up to me everyday and ask how I improved so much. I make sure and mention his name every time.”

The first thing that makes Brandon a great coach is he knows his stuff! It’s hard sometimes to listen to people who haven’t been through the things you go through when training. Everything Brandon had me do came from not only his coaching skills, but his first hand experience.He always had everything planned out for me to the T. Anytime I had an ache, pain, or life event he always made sure to make edits for me to ensure I made the most out of the rest of the week.

-Josh M., Boulder, CO - November 2018

I wanted to run my first ultramarathon, but wasn’t sure where to begin. Coach Brandon was consultative while coaching me through the plan, answering the questions I had along the way both in person and through lots of details on the plan layout. I am proud to have finished my first trail ultra!”

– Maddison R., Asheville, NC - August 2018

*Refunds on Virtual Product:

If you are dissatisfied with your Virtual Training Plan, we ask that you let us know within 30 days of downloading so that we can work with you to make it right. We are happy to discuss editing the plan to include reasonable information, or correct information that was left out in error. If ultimately we cannot make things right, we will refund your full purchase price. We are not able to refund based on injury, incomplete/DNS/DNF races, travel changes, or acts of god that may affect your race day.